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Costa Rica, despite being such a tiny country, draws well over a million visitors every year and you can imagine why. The incredibly varied topography allows you to explore Cloud Forest one day, climb a volcano the next, and finish the day passed out on a smooth sandy beach. Travel and find volcanoes, beaches, national parks, charming hotels, rainforests and so much more.

Because of its location, Costa Rica has tropical weather with basically two clearly delimited seasons. Summer, or the dryseason, which goes from December to April; and Winter, or the rainy season, that begins in May and ends in November.

The average temperature on the central part of the country is among 15ºc (59ºf) and 25ºc (77ºf).

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This particular weather makes the country 47% covered with forest and green patches.
The rainforest is famous worldwide and millions of visitors come to enjoy it every year. Because of this particular weather; tourism, agriculture, and fishing are ones of the most important activities for Costa Rica’s economy.

Whether your desire is to experience the incredible beaches of the Pacific, a romantic honeymoon, a fishing trip, a visit to the lush and green rainforest, visit serene mountains, or to experience the thrill of a Costa Rica Canopy Tour. This little country, with a little help from, has it all.

Costa Rica is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth you will ever vacation in. Mention Costa Rica and people think paradise. Glide through a rainforest canopy in a floating gondola, go horseback riding on the beach, soak yourself in waters heated by an active volcano, hike through clouds in a mountaintop cloud forest, and see the turquoise blue water-filled crater of a sleepy (but still active) volcano. See groups of Scarlet Macaws flying over crocodile infested rivers, watch howler monkeys to toucans and watch rare sea turtles struggle to lay their eggs in protected places. The waves are prime, the beauty is staggering and the sluggish pace seductive.

Thanks to the many available vacation rentals in Costa Rica, you can really mix with the crowd and socialize!

Costa Rican Culture

One of the most beautiful feature's of Coast Rican culture is its friendliness and hospitality. A great asset for those on vacation. With a democracy government, standing out in Latin America, Costa Ricans love peace. Their official motto is "Pura Vida" meaning Pure Life. Costa Rica does not have any kind of military service. Not having a military means that Costa Ricans can benefit from a higher standard of living. Which they do.

Costa Rica is racially diverse, which permeates the culture from its cuisine to its handicrafts to its music. Spanish is the official language, but English is customery to the natives as well. Especially at Limón, on the Caribbean coast, people talk English and a few other dialects. The main religion is Catholicism but there are also different kinds of cults people practice without any problem. The beach resorts are conveniently located less than a two hour car drive from San Jose, and one hour from the popular Manuel Antonio National Park. Whatever you are looking for, Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach, Los Suenos Resort & Marina is the perfect choice for your dream vacation and getaway.

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Los Suenos Resort

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Eco Golf Private Estates:
Casa Tropical Los Suenos Resort

Vista Las PalmasRent in Jaco Beach Vista Las Palmas:

Beachfront Jaco Beach Rental
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